【Important Notice】Membership System Update

For warranty information on all of these products, please see the following respective Websites for detailed information regarding this.


For Bic Sports itemshttp://www.bicsport.com/

For Cabrinha Kite boarding gearhttp://www.cabrinhakites.com

For Flow snowboarding gear http://www.flow.com

For Gath watersport helmethttp://www.gathsports.com

For Handirack inflatable car roof rackhttp://www.handirackuk.com/

For JP-Australia Windsurfing & SUP boardhttp://www.jp-australia.com/

For NeilPryde sails http://www.neilpryde.com/sails.html

For NeilPryde Windsurfing gearhttp://www.neilpryde.com

For NeilPryde One-Design Kite CR:Xhttp://www.neilpryde.com/crx/overview.html

For NP waterwear/harness/paddle/accessories itemshttp://www.npsurf.com/warranty/warranty.html

For NeilPryde RSXhttp://www.neilpryde.com/sail/racing/rsx/overview.html

For NeilPryde RS:One http://www.neilpryde.com/sail/racing/rs-one/overview.html

For Imagine Surf SUPhttp://www.imaginesurf.com/

For Silverback Bikehttp://silverbacklab.com/


Please Note:
For all warranty claims will require: Original Purchase Receipt / proof of purchase from ASAP-Direct for the actual damaged goods, and photos of the damaged goods.


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