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BORNEO / Sit-On-Top

100% convertible mono/duo

Inspired by the legendary Tobago, a best seller for 10 years now, the new Borneo is a brand new family oriented double Sit-On-Top, with a number of innovative features, notably the possibility of solo use in equal paddling comfort to double. Its innovative shape and generous dimensions give it great glide whilst retaining reassuringly comfortable stability. It's also got a large rear section including a big flat storage area.

There's innovation in the equipment and fittings too, like the integral wheels/ rollers for easy transportation. And there's a moulded deck insert for storing the wheels/rollers while sailing. Clearly a future benchmark boat in its category.


• Carries 2 adults, 1 child, plus baggage.
• Adaptable for solo paddling with the same paddle-comfort as the duo set-up. 
• An effective transportation system for the beach has been incorporated in the kayak’s design. Removable wide-tyre wheels sit on an axle mounted on the kayak’s keel. Once at the water the wheels are removed and stored in a special hatch on the rear baggage area. 
• Its generously-proportioned, «triple-volume» hull design gives the kayak a combination of excellent glide and re-assuring stability.
• The large rear section incorporates a capacious baggage-carrying area.
• As with all BIC Sport kayaks, the Borneo’s shape and concept has come from a specialist designer. The «look» is an increasignly important element in customers’ purchasing decison.
• The Borneo is also available as a specialist «fishing» version, and includes a number of factory-fitted extra features (rod racks and rests, watertight storage hatches...)
• The extra features on the fishing version are available as individual accessories to fit to a standard Borneo.

Data specs

Length : 13'5" / 4.10 m

Width : 33.1'' / 0.84 m

Weight : 75lbs / 34kg

Maxi load : 550lbs / 250kg

Design : JMC-Design

Much longer than our other boats, the three models in the PERFORMANCE series are aimed at a more sporty market, offering a wider range of paddling styles and options, but still easy to use. Joining the Scapa, which has already more than proved itself commercially, two new models bring the range bang up to date. The Java and Borneo models arrive with a fistfull of innovations.