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The Concept

NeilPryde is expanding our one-design program into kite racing with the introduction of CR:X, the world's first one-design kite racing class.

CR:X is an innovative, versatile kite racing platform that features a convertible board that can be switched between fin and foil modes. Multiple modes mean that the same set of hardware can be used for beginner or more advanced foil races or in changing weather conditions.

Our mission is to create a community of kite racing enthusiasts of all levels and abilities and enable them to race on a level and affordable playing field. CR:X delivers on this promise through a one-design pathway Class where athletes can compete on affordable, matched equipment.

Mission Statement

  • To be the progressive feeder Class for kite racing within World Sailing
  • To encourage and support new participants into kite racing and foiling
  • To provide a versatile, mobile training platform for athletes to develop their skills, safely and efficiently in a fun and friendly environment
  • To promote racing for all levels and abilities, within a one-design Class, allowing athletes to compete on affordable, matched equipment
  • To develop a self sustaining community that advocates CR:X Class objectives
  • To champion universality within kiteboarding

CR:X – Convertible Race X-over

We have distilled everything we learned in kiteboarding and formula windsurfing and applied it to the CR:X. CR:X equipment has been engineered to be as light and as fast as possible, while remaining easy to use by athletes of varying weights and sizes.

CR:X is built for an extraordinary wind range, from 5-30 knots, and it can be comfortably handled by even the lightest riders. The CR:X kite has been made with durable, lightweight materials, ensuring a consistent and complete performance.

The CR:X features a three-strut kite that comes in three sizes, one control system and a convertible kite board. This all fits, alongside an HP pump, into a 145cm airline-friendly travel bag.

As CR:X may be raced in hydrofoil or twin tip mode, the wind range covered is wide. Organisers of events can ensure that racing will happen in almost all conditions and competitors can maximize their time on the water.

The CR:X Class has been created to provide a pathway for aspiring athletes to hone their skills and perfect their technique and tactics before moving towards higher performance kite racing.

The CR:X pack consists of:

  • Kites: 7m, 10m and 13m
  • Control system: 55cm
  • Convertible board with fin and foil sets (including pads, straps, handle)
  • Pump
  • Custom 145cm travel bag