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The ever so handy HandiRack....

Need additional load carrying capacity?
Prefer a solution that is simple, convenient & portable?
Looking for a system that is interchangeable between cars?
Fed-up with the inflexibility & cost of normal roof bars?

HandiRack provides all the benefits of a traditional rack system, but with none of the shortcomings.

A HandiRack is simple to use and takes no time to fit.
In only a matter of minutes you will be on your way to discovering a hassle free means to transport anything from a kayak to flat-pack furniture from IKEA!? The HandiRack fits 4-door & 2-door cars and can carry loads of up to 80kg.

Remember, Summer is only just around the corner!!? The HandiRack is the perfect solution for transporting all your leisure gear, ladders, purchases from IKEA etc.? If you want additional storage, take a look at the fantastic new HandiHoldall.

What is a HandiRack?

Designed for rugged outdoor use in Australia, the award winning HandiRack is a unique, multi purpose, portable load carrier.? It provides an amazingly easy means to transport all manner of loads from ladders to kayaks, surf boards to flat-pack furniture. Not only is the HandiRack simple to use, but being inflatable means that when not in use it is very compact and can be easily stored in the boot of the car or on a shelf in the garage.

The HandiRack is immensely strong (it has a patented triple-layer skin), totally safe, complies with ISO/PAS 11154 and couldn't be easier to assemble. The straps pass through the car doors and the bars inflate in a matter of seconds using the supplied HandiPump. The HandiRack can carry loads of up to 80kg (subject to individual vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations) and is suitable for 4-door and 2-door cars.

Why buy a HandiRack?

How many times have you found yourself in the situation?of needing to?transport something large or bulky, but just not having the means to do it?? Or perhaps when on a shopping trip and your eyes prove bigger than your boot!? The HandiRack is the perfect cost-effective solution.? Just some of the benefits are as follows:

•Multi purpose – the list of items that?it?can carry is endless
•Versatile - fits most cars
•Compact size – can be kept in the boot
•Portable – can be carried as hand luggage (great for hire cars!)
•Handy – it’s always to hand and there when you need it
•Flexible – interchangeable between vehicles
•Simple – very easy to fit
•Convenient – takes just minutes to fit to the car
•Strong – can carry loads of up to 80kg*
•Kind to equipment?– air filled bars cushions loads over bumps & rough terrain
•Fuel efficient – less drag and noise than normal roof bars
•Backed by a 1 year manufacturing defect warrantee
•Fully complies with ISO/PAS 11154

Will it fit my car?

We've tried and tested the HandiRack on everything from a Rolls Royce to a Nissan Micra and it fits them all.? If your car has doors...even Gull Wing doors or roof rails... then the HandiRack can be fitted easily and safely.

The HandiRack will fit just about any car including:

• 4-doors / hatchbacks / estates
• 2-doors with rear opening quarter- light windows
• 2-doors with fixed rear quarter- light windows
• Cars with roof rails
• Cars with sunroofs

The HandiRack is unsuitable for the following:

• Cars fitted with curtain airbags (these deploy from the top of the window)
• Convertibles & cabriolets
• Some cars with high domed shaped roofs

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