Are freediving fins worth it?

Long freediving fins give you more thrust, but also take more muscle power initially to propel you through the water. Short freediving fins give you less thrust, but also need less muscle power to move you through the water. … If you have strong leg muscles and use short fins your kicking power ‘caps out’ or plateaus.

Should I get freediving fins?

But there is a technical reason why freedivers choose freediving fins instead of scuba fins. We move through the water by displacing it, and since freediving fins have a larger surface area, they displace more water, offering more power.

Why do free divers use long fins?

The reason freediving & spearfishing fins are long has to do with the structure of the fin’s blade. … In other words, the ratio between the energy the diver must put into moving the fin underwater to the actual resulting propulsion is larger than in any other type of fins as a result.

How tight should freediving fins be?

Your fins should have a snug fit on your feet. Just like hiking shoes, a fit that’s too loose will result in uncomfortable chafing and even blisters. … You should struggle to fit more than a couple of fingers into the foot pocket while wearing your fins.

How do you travel with freediving fins?

Those with removable carbon blades can simply pop out the blades, wrap them in some bubble wrap and carry them on; alternatively if you have more durable plastic or fiberglass fins simply put them inside a hard case bag for checked baggage.

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How do you wear a freediving weight belt?

A rubber belt always stays in place thanks to the material’s characteristics. A freedive weight belt should be worn around the hips. A nylon belt becomes loose the deeper you go and could fall down to your armpits as you descend.

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