Are kayak plugs universal?

If you are someone who goes kayaking regularly and owns your own kayak then you really need to have kayak plugs. These plugs ensure that your kayak remains sealed so water doesn’t seep inside. They fit in perfectly and most have a universal fit which ensures that they can be used on many different kayak models.

Are all kayak plugs the same?

There are a number of different designs depending on the type of sit-on-top kayak the plugs are made for. There are universal scupper plugs that will fit most sit on top kayaks.

Are you supposed to plug kayak holes?

We do not recommend sealing your scupper holes completely. In fact it could cause your kayak to actually flood and become too heavy to paddle. A better option is a good fitting scupper plug that is easy to install and remove as needed and as conditions change.

Will my kayak sink without scupper plugs?

Short Answer: Yes, you need scupper plug on your Yak to allow overwashed water that has washed on deck back out of the vessel. Scupper plugs will let in SOME water, but they shouldn’t let in too much. Rest assured, because of the design and buoyant nature of a kayak, you’re not likely to sink.

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