Best answer: What length water skis should I get?

How long should my water skis be?

Water Ski Size Chart

Skier Weight Boat Speed 26-30 mph Boat Speed 30-34 mph
150-180 lbs. 67″-68″ 66″-67″
170-200 lbs. 68″-72″ 67″-68″
190-215 lbs. 72″ 68″-72″
210 lbs & up 72″ 68″-72″

What length skis for my height?

Ski Sizing Chart

Skier Height in feet & inches Skier Height in centimeters (cm) Suggested Ski Lengths (cm)
5′ 152 135-155
5’2″ 158 145-165
5’4″ 163 150-170
5’6″ 168 155-175

What length skis for beginner?

Ski Size Chart

Skier Height in Feet and Inches Skier Height in Centimeters Beginner to Intermediate Length (cm)
5‘6″ 167 153-160
5’8″ 172 157-164
5’10” 177 163-173
6’0″ 182 165-175

Can skis be too short?

Skis that are too short will sink a bit too deep in ungroomed powder snow. On groomed trails, short skis tend to get a bit wobbly and unstable at high speeds. They are easier to turn at slow speeds, but that same quality gives them a tendency to want to turn even when you are going straight at high speed.

What size skis for 5’2 woman?

Women’s Ski Size Chart

User Height (in) User Height (cm) Beginner Length (cm)
5’0″ 152 137
5’2″ 158 143
5’4″ 163 148
5’6″ 168 153
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Are shorter skis better for beginners?

As a rule of thumb, beginner-level skiers should ride a ski no longer than the top of their chests. Shorter and softer flexing skis are easier to control, making turning easier and gaining speed less intimidating. The length and waist width of your skis determines how much surface area your ski is touching on the snow.

Are wider water skis better for beginners?

Greater width means it is easy to ride it but added width means the ski will become slow. The reduced width means that the ski is quicker and faster but it is hard to initiate in the deep water. The width for the beginners is 8 inches to 9 inches.

How much are a good pair of skis?

In most cases, the average price range for a new pair of skis alone will start around $400 and rise to well over $1,000. Keep in mind that this price range is only for the actual skis, and doesn’t take into account other necessary gear like boots, bindings, poles, and other accessories.

How long do skis last?

The average skier replaces their skis every 8 years (source). For the best performance, you can get 100-125 ski days before the ski starts to deteriorate – but this does depend on your weight, ski style and how well-maintained the ski is (source).

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