Can you drive up Crowders Mountain?

Take a drive that winds by the monarch of the mountains. Crowders Mountain Drive, named for one of the early settlers passes a scenic three-mile mountain range and through Crowders Mountain State Park. Among the peaks in the mountain range is one called the Pinnacle.

Has anyone died at Crowders Mountain?

In the last 10 years, Crowders Mountain State Park has only had three fatalities. But two of those have been in the past two months. Gary Mims and Mark Byers, both avid hikers and rock climbers, lost their lives on the mountain this year. Mims died in January after he fell while hiking.

How do you climb Crowders Mountain?

Backside Trail takes you to the top of Crowders Mountain. This direct route is only 0.7 miles one-way, but is rated strenuous, finishing with 337 steps to reach the summit. Take advantage of the benches along the way. Another hiking option is the Pinnacle Trail, which takes you to the top of Kings Pinnacle.

Is Crowders Mountain free?

Free. But please make sure you fill out the climbing permit either at the main park office, or the Linwood Road access kiosk. $5 for the first hour and $3 each additional hour, registration is at visitor’s center. Available spring through late fall.

Is Crowders Mountain a hard hike?

Companion peaks at Crowders Mountain State Park—The Pinnacle and Crowders Mountain—offer challenging hikes, towering cliffs and 25-mile views of the surrounding piedmont.

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Is Crowders Mountain Open?

Crowders Mountain State Park is open year round, but with shorter operating hours during months with less daylight (below). Office hours are 8 AM – 5 PM daily. The main office is closed on state holidays.

Can dogs hike Crowders Mountain?

If you want to explore some of North Carolina’s most rugged and beautiful terrain with your dog by your side, Crowders Mountain State Park is a must-visit. … Pets are also permitted in the campsites, so make sure you don’t forget your canine pal.

Are there bears in Crowders Mountain?

Park Rangers have put out bait stations and cameras and as of today we have no verification of bears here at Crowders Mountain State Park. …

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