Can you kayak at Folly Beach?

Charleston, South Carolina is known for many awesome things—chief among them is kayaking. If you want to see the Lowcountry the best way possible, Kayak Folly Beach and see habitat in the raw! … While kayaking, take the time to stop and smell the reeds, or you’ll let the most magnificent things pass you by!

Where can I kayak in Folly Beach?

3 of the Best Places to Get Folly Beach Kayak Rentals

  1. Folly Beach Adventures. Directions to Folly Beach Adventures. Folly Beach Adventures has it all! …
  2. Flipper Finders Boat & Sea Kayak Tours. Directions to Flipper Finders Boat & Sea Kayak Tours. …
  3. Charleston Outdoor Adventures. Directions to Charleston Outdoor Adventures.

Can you kayak to Morris Island?

A group of kayakers paddles along the Folly River on the way to Morris Island. Visitors to Folly Beach can get a pretty good look at the historic Morris Island Lighthouse from the northeastern end of the barrier island.

Can you climb Morris Island Lighthouse?

The Morris Island Lighthouse is located just two hours from Bluffton near Charleston and Folly Island. … You can walk to the lighthouse. A 20-foot seawall around the base has been built to keep the tower from falling. Climbing the wall is not allowed.

Do you have to pay to park at Folly Beach?

All Park Folly Beach parking kiosks are free after 8:00 PM every day. Parking is free on Center Street and all side streets. However, always reference the signage to ensure parking is free and never block a private driveway. … It is your responsibility to know all parking regulations.

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Does Charleston have good nightlife?

The Holy City is one of variety, its walkable streets lined with excellent late night restaurants, beer bars, dancing, and live music suitable for every level of nightlife plans. …

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