Can you kayak at Ledges State Park?

The Des Moines River flows through the west edge of the park and offers fine stream fishing and canoeing opportunities. Lower Ledges Road offers an easy access point to the Des Moines River for canoeists, kayakers and tubers.

Can you drive through Ledges State Park?

This is a great place to go to. There are tons of trails for hiking and climbing along with picnic areas and old stone bridge and water that you get to drive through.

Can you swim at Ledges State Park?

Ledges State Park, formed in 1924, was originally home to the Sauk, Fox, and Sioux Native American tribes. … Ledges State Park offers year-round activities that range from hiking and swimming to gazing over the densely forested areas from one of the many lookouts.

Can you rock climb at Ledges State Park?

Ledges State Park Rock climbing 0 routes in crag.

Where can I buy a National Park Pass in Iowa?

As of September 18, 2019 customers are able to purchase the annual $40 permit through the state park reservation system at A $4 convenience fee applies for each permit purchased online.

Can you swim at Terry Trueblood Recreation Area?

It’s a 152-acre park with a 96-acre lake, which was once a gravel pit. It’s similar to many Iowa rivers and streams, in that swimming isn’t prohibited but there are no facilities or staff to support swimming on the site, according to Director of Parks and Recreation Juli Seydell Johnson.

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