Can you run a snowmobile with no exhaust?

The engine will run ok without the can or muffler but not to peak performance.

Is it bad to straight pipe a snowmobile?

If you have a straight pipe, there will be no rebound and your air/fuel mix will be lean, which could cause excessive heat and melt holes in the pistons. If you make the fuel mix rich enough to be safe, your fuel mileage will go south, and your emissions will go up.

Do snowmobiles need back pressure?

Two stroke snowmobile engines require the designed amount of back pressure to operate. If you think about it, at bottom dead center, the intake ports and the exhaust ports are both open at the same time.

Can you straight pipe a 2 stroke snowmobile?

Both straight pipes or megaphones will work on a 2stroke and make plenty of power if made correctly.

How loud can a snowmobile be?

From a distance of 50 feet, snowmobiles generate between 68 – 73 dB(A) at 15 mph. Since doors and windows are almost always closed in the winter, snowmobiles operating outside at a distance of 50 feet only create an interior sound level of between 41 and 47 dB(A).

Are cans bad for your snowmobile?

A can from a reputable maker will not harm anything.

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What does a can on a snowmobile do?

Aftermarket cans offer a weight savings and provide a little more zip to your snowmobile. The result is not necessarily a horsepower gain but more of a response enhancer; cans can really make a difference. There are some well-known and proven brands—such as MBRP, HPS, Skinz and NPP—that have been around for years.

Does 2 stroke engine required back pressure?

lower back pressure will mess with the pipe and the way it functions, a 2stroke pipe is made to work with some pressure in order to push the exhaust waves back into the motor thus filling the cyl with new fuel and also burning the unburned fuel in the exhaust.

How fast does a snowmobile need to go on water?

The watercross pro, Dan Bartczak, of Hagaman, N.Y., said the sleds need to be going about 15 mph to stay on the top of the water.

How fast can a snowmobile go on the water?

A snowmobile decelerates 5 mph for every inch (or fraction) of water it “skips.” The snowmobile above, crossing 6-1/2″ inches of water at 75 mph, would be going only 40 mph when it got to the other side. A snowmobile cannot change direction while “skipping” — it can only go in a straight line.

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