Can you sleep in your car in the Great Smoky Mountains?

While there are a number of beautiful campsites throughout this large park, the campground at Cades Cove is our pick for top car-camping destination. As one of the most popular gateways to the park, Cades Cove will be crowded, especially in the warmer months.

Can you sleep in your car in Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

“What you can’t do in any location in the park that isn’t a campground is sleep in your parked car overnight. That’s considered illegal camping and violators may be cited and fined.

Can you sleep in the Smoky mountains?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park provides varied camping options. LeConte Lodge is the only place where you can get a room, however, and you have to hike to the top of a mountain to enjoy the privilege. Gatlinburg has the most sleeping options of any gateway town, though prices are high.

Is it safe to drive in Smoky mountains?

There are 384 miles of road in the Smokies. Most are paved, and even the gravel roads are maintained in suitable condition for standard passenger cars. But driving in the mountains presents new challenges for many drivers. Roads in the park are narrow and winding with blind curves and low shoulders.

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Is it illegal to take rocks from the Smoky Mountains?

Taking the rock is a bit of a big deal – it’s illegal. “If every visitor took a rock home, that would mean 11 million rocks would be gone from the park every year!” park rangers wrote on Facebook. “The park would definitely not be as beautiful as it was before.”

Is it better to stay in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge?

Overall, Gatlinburg is more compact than Pigeon Forge, which creates a more pedestrian friendly area. There are some downsides to being in a smaller valley. Since there’s not much open space or alternative routes, this mountain town tends to get more crowded than Pigeon Forge.

Can I camp anywhere in the Smoky Mountains?

Camping is permitted only at designated backcountry campsites and shelters. 2. You may not stay at any backcountry campsite for more than 3 consecutive nights. You may not stay consecutive nights at campsite 113 or at any shelter.

Can you stay overnight in Tennessee rest areas?

Tennessee. There is a 2-hour stay limit. No overnight parking or camping.

What states is it illegal to sleep in your car?

Sleeping in your car laws by state

State Overnight parking at rest stops
Alaska Nothing specified
Arizona Allowed, but no camping outside the car
Arkansas Allowed for safety purposes only, no camping
California 8-hour limit at rest stops, no overnight parking or camping
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