Can you use 60mm wheels on a longboard?

So, can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard? The answer is yes. A normal skateboard has a wheel diameter of 48-60mm and longboard, 63-75mm. Durometer is a measure of hardness.

Are 60mm wheels for longboard?

Longboard wheel diameter is measured in millimeters (mm). The lower the number, the smaller the wheel. Smaller wheels result in a slower ride, and larger wheels result in a faster one. … Longboard wheel size begins at around 54mm and can be upwards of 60mm.

What are 60mm wheels good for?

Choosing the size of your skateboard wheels

50-53mm Small, slower wheels; stable for trick riding and smaller riders skating street, skate parks, and bowls.
60mm + Specialty riders skating longboards, old-school boards, downhill, and dirt boards; made for speed and rougher surfaces.

Is 83B wheels hard?

The B durometer gives more scale to the hardness of the wheel. 83B is a very hard wheel, measuring around 103a.

Are 83a wheels good for cruising?

If you wanna do quick carves, square lipped wheels are the best for that. … A hard 83a wheel will roll fast but absorb less road vibration. A wheel around 78a or 80 will be the best of both worlds. Soft skateboard wheels will feel the best after riding harder wheels for some time.

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Can I put bigger wheels on my longboard?

1 Choosing Your Wheel Diameter. Generally speaking, longer decks work well with bigger wheels and smaller longboard decks with smaller wheels. Smaller wheels can work with longer decks, but a larger wheel would provide a better over all ride.

Why are longboard wheels so expensive?

Material. Most skateboard wheels are made from hard polyurethane, which is usually more expensive than other materials due to the fluctuating raw material prices. However, polyurethane has many unique features that make them superior to other materials.

Do bigger skateboard wheels go faster?

Skateboard wheels are measured by durometer and diameter. … Larger wheels will give you a faster ride while smaller wheels may slow you down. However, because they are lower to the ground and easier to control, smaller wheels are the best wheels for street skating.

Do you need special wheels to slide on a longboard?

Technically, you can slide with any longboard wheels — but certain types of wheels will make sliding easier and require less force. Downhill and freeriding wheels are great choices, along with any other wheels that feature a radiused lip and less ground contact.

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