Do paintball players get paid?

While the best professional paintball players do have a salary and make some decent money from tournament winnings and sponsorships, most of them also work in the paintball industry in some way to supplement their income. Of course, you don’t have to be a professional player to make a living from paintball.

How much does a paintball player make?

According to SimplyHired data, the top 10% of paintball professionals earn an average of $165k yearly, and the bottom 10% earn an average of $36K yearly in the US. If you are in a progressive stage, you can expect to earn anything average $77K, not bad when you are earning with maximum fun and thrill.

Is a paintball business profitable?

How much profit can a paintball field make? With a good business plan, paintball business owners earn an average of between $20,000 and $30,000 per year. That amount increases in direct proportion to the amount of community participation in your business and the number of arenas you operate.

What do pro paintball players wear?

Pros usually wear either a shirt, or a padded playing shirt plus the jersey with built in padding, Elbow and Knee Pads. That is about the extent of their actual padding other then that it’s all about getting used to it.

How much does Oliver Lang make?

$1,000,000 over five years, plus his job. That’s $200k a year.

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Can I play paintball in the woods UK?

You can’t play in your local woods unless it’s private land you own (or have permission from the land owner) and it’s so much distance away from any public paths.

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