Does zumiez fix skateboards?

If there’s a shop that offers a skateboard replacement program, and will return broken boards, you should absolutely buy your boards there! haha of course we do! We stand by the skateboards we sell in the same way that anybody else does! They’re skateboards.

Can I sell my skateboard to zumiez?

We sell skateboards in store and online. We’re able to build them for you in store, but if you decide to order online, you can request for it to be built by an associate before it is shipped to you. There’s also package deals available for a completely customized deck of your choice.

Why shouldn’t you buy a skateboard from Zumiez?

Zumiez carries decent gear but overall I find theyre more expensive than locally owned shops Most skateshops include griptape with the price of a deck, Zumiez doesnt, and their staff at least here is pretty awful at gripping boards. Ill recommend going to a locally owned shop if thats possible.

Is zumiez real?

Zumiez is a REAL skate shop. It’s been open for years has all skating apparel and materiel such as boards too. They carry Vans, Obey, Huf, Ripndip, Thrasher, Diamond, Adidas, Nike SB, Sketchy Tank, Nixon, RVCV, etc. They even put on your grip tape for free if you purchase it.

Why do skaters hate Thrasher?

Generally speaking, Thrasher has a slightly tarnished reputation because of people who can’t skate wearing it for the sole impression of looking like a skater. The posers will usually wear it, not because it looks cool, but because it would make them look like a skater, which looks cool.

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What kind of people shop at Zumiez?

Zumiez is targeted toward teens, offering clothing items such as footwear, shirts, pants and sporting equipment. The Sporting equipment they offer is for BMX bikes, skateboards, and surfboards.

Is Zumiez skater owned?

Today, Zumiez is one of a few publicly traded skate-related companies (Vans and Globe are among the others), and Zumiez 100k has essentially taken over Agenda as the number one skate industry social event of the year in America. Although Zumiez wasn’t created inside the skate industry, it’s very much a part of it.

Is Zumiez ethical?

What ethical practices does Zumiez support? Yes, Zumiez does support ethical practices.

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