Frequent question: Can you kayak the Yellowstone River?

“Yellowstone has the largest block of rivers in the country that is prohibited to paddling,” says Kevin Colburn, stewardship director for the paddling group American Whitewater. “It’s an anomaly in the entire national park system.”

Do you need a permit to kayak in Yellowstone National Park?

Additionally, all watercraft, includ- ing float tubes, must obtain a Yellowstone National Park Boat Permit. Motorized boat permits and non- motorized boat permits (including float tubes) are available in a 7-day denomina- tion or as an annual permit. Contact the Backcountry Office for current pricing.

Can you kayak in national parks?

If it’s an off-the-grid national park vacation – away from the crowds – you’re looking for, then grab a paddle. From the unique vantage point of a raft, kayak, or canoe, you can access and explore the beauty and solitude of some of our most treasured wild places.

Are there places to swim in Yellowstone?

The swimming hole in Firehole Canyon is one of two swimming areas inside Yellowstone National Park. The other area on the Boiling River has no facilities and is only open in late fall through winter because of water levels. … You can use the changing rooms at the road to put your swimming suits on.

Can you spin fish in Yellowstone?

In addition to the Yellowstone River, a trip into that area provides an opportunity to fish the Thorofare River, Bridger Lake and myriad small creeks throughout the watersheds. Members of the family who don’t fly-fish also have the opportunity to try their hand with spinning gear.

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