Frequent question: Can you swim at Oak Mountain State?

Oak Mountain State Park offers two sandy beaches on our lakes for you to enjoy! You can find one located on Terrace Drive which is our largest beach and off of Double Oak Lake. Also, there is a concession stand that is open seasonally offering snacks and beverages at the Beach on Double Oak Lake. …

How much does it cost to get into Oak Mountain State Park?

Entrance Fees: Ages 3 and under are Free, Age 4-11 are $2 each, Age 12-61 are $5 each, and Ages 62 and up are $2 each.

Are there bears in Oak Mountain State Park?

Yes absolutely! Year round! You can call and check availability at #205-620-2520!

Is there WIFI at Oak Mountain State Park?

Several other parks, including Lake Guntersville, Joe Wheeler, and Oak Mountain, are in the final stages of establishing Wi-Fi. The release says the Alabama State Parks Wi-Fi network allows guests to access the internet from anywhere in the campground instead of requiring campers be in a “hot spot” to use the service.

Can you bring a gun to a state park?

If you can possess firearms legally according to the laws of the state in which a park is located, you can generally carry them in that park. A permit is required to carry concealed weapons. Some concealed-weapons permits are recognized in multiple states, but many are not.

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Is Oak Mountain State Park open after tornado?

Oak Mountain State Park reopened to visitors Sunday, just three days after a tornado ravaged that area. Park Superintendent Kelly Ezell says the park opened to day users, and the cabins open Monday.

Does Al have bears?

Black bears (Ursus americanus) are historically native throughout the entire state of Alabama (Cowan 1970, Edwards 2002, Scheick and McCown 2014).

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