Frequent question: Is Blue Mountain coffee overrated?

Jamaican Blue Mountain, for example, was regarded for years as the apogee of coffee, but most coffee specialists regard it as overrated, traded mainly for its snob value.

Why is Blue Mountain coffee famous?

Considered one of the most expensive coffees in the world, Jamaican coffee is grown on the mist capped Blue Mountain, Jamaica’s highest mountain standing at 7,402 feet. … Blue Mountain coffee has been grown in Jamaica since 1728 when coffee was first introduced to the island.

Is Blue Mountain coffee the best in the world?

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans are renowned for their full-bodied vibrant acidity while delivering a rich aroma and a smooth delicate taste. Blue Mountain coffee is the world’s highest mountain grown coffee; it is grown at elevations over 7000 feet! …

What coffee is similar to Jamaican Blue Mountain?

6 Alternatives to Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

  • New guinea Arona coffee.
  • Tanna coffee.
  • Catimor arabica coffee.
  • Hawaiian Kona coffee.
  • Sumatra coffee.
  • Costa Rican coffee.

What is the best rated coffee?

The 12 Best Coffee Brands in 2021

  • Best for Espresso: Lavazza at Amazon. …
  • Best Flavor: Peerless Coffee & Tea at Amazon. …
  • Best Variety: New England Coffee at Amazon. …
  • Best for Single Origin: Red Bay Coffee at Amazon. …
  • Best Sustainable: Counter Culture Coffee at Amazon. …
  • Best for K-Cups: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters at Amazon.
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What does Blue Mountain coffee taste like?

The flavor of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is said to be refined and mild with an extremely pleasant sweetness that verges on creamy. Tones of chocolate appear in the complexity of the coffee which also exhibits a smooth yet bright acidity and almost a total lack of any bitterness.

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