How are Canyon bikes delivered?

We ship via FedEx according to our current shipment and delivery options. Any missing items will be delivered to you subsequently and free of charge. All our packages are fully insured during transport. Canyon partners with velofix to offer a convenient Mobile Bike Shop experience.

Do Canyon bikes come assembled?


With velofix DIRECT, a professional technician comes directly to your home or office at the date and time you prefer to deliver, build, and dial in your new Canyon.

Are bikes assembled when delivered?

Depending on the shipping option you choose, your bike will arrive either fully ready to ride, or almost completely pre-assembled. … If you are outside of the Twin Cities area, your bike will arrive at your door with only a few pieces left to put on.

Where do Canyon Bikes ship from in the US?

Canyon bicycles will be shipped out of the brand’s Chino, California-based warehouse while the company’s new U.S. headquarters will operate out of Carlsbad, California.

How long do Canyon bikes take to arrive?

Once shipped, deliveries take 2-10 days.

Do Giants build Canyon frames?

Giant makes Canyon. A fact. Source: The biggest importer of Giant in S/E Asia get to walk inside a Giant factory and see racks of Canyon Aeroad frame fresh out of molds ready to be painted.

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Are decathlon bikes delivered built?

Use to research your bike before you arrive in store. … All the bikes in store are professionally built and ready to ride.

Are bikes cheaper online?

Bikes purchased online are much cheaper than ones bought in physical shops. That’s because the bike does not have to touch as many hands before the purchase is made. That means the savings are passed onto you, the consumer. The number one reason people buy from a local bike shop is because you get to TEST it first.

Can I assemble a bike myself?

There are parts of bicycle which you can basically put it by yourself such as stem post and seat, handle, front wheel and fork. First and foremost, you must have the bike special tools, the generic tools will roughly work but there’s high chances of damaging your bicycle parts.

Does Canyon ship to us?

After what seems like an eternity, Canyon bikes are finally shipping to the U.S. Well, most of them anyways. For consumers in the states, each bike comes packed in their Canyon Bikeguard reusable box, and ships via FedEx ground for $89. …

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