How common are snowmobile accidents?

Snowmobile accidents result in nearly 200 deaths and 14,000 injuries each year.

What is the most common source of injury for snowmobile riders?

The most common sites of injury were the extremities (48.8%) and the head, neck, and face (28.2%). Head and neck injuries were the predominant cause of death (66.7%). The most common diagnosis was contu- sion/abrasion (30.9%), followed by laceration (22%), frac- ture (20.3%), and strain/sprain (14.4%).

Can you fall off a snowmobile?

Head injuries are the leading cause of death and serious injury on snowmobiles. These injuries usually happen when snowmobilers crash, fall or overturn while moving. Children can also be injured if they are towed by a snowmobile while they’re on a sled, tube, tire or other devices that are pulled.

What are two major causes of snowmobile accidents in Michigan?

Snowmobile Risk Factors

  • Excessive speed is one of the leading causes of death in snowmobile accidents. …
  • Riding in the dark is also a top cause of snowmobile deaths in Michigan, according to the MSA. …
  • Intoxication is also a contributing factor in snowmobile accidents.
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When riding a snowmobile at night what can cause an accident?

Accidents that occur at night usually involve snowmobiles running into stationary objects, such as trees, that come into view unexpectedly. Drive slowly so that you have time to recognize danger and react. Never “overdrive your headlight.” Make sure you can stop within the length of your headlight beam.

When are snowmobile accidents most likely?

Accidents were more common in the afternoon and evening hours, and most accidents were caused by the snowmobile striking terrain or man-made objects. Mortality rate was 3.6% for this patient group (10 of 274).

How many snowmobile deaths in Wisconsin per year?

Wisconsin has had an average of 16 snowmobile deaths per season from the 2009-10 winter season through 2018-19, according to a WPR analysis of state data. On average, February is the deadliest month for snowmobilers, with an average of six deaths.

How do you stay safe on a snowmobile?

10 essential safety tips for snowmobilers

  1. Dress for success. …
  2. Keep an eye on the weather forecast. …
  3. Learn your local laws. …
  4. Stay sober. …
  5. Plan your route. …
  6. Try to stick to official trails. …
  7. Tame your need for speed. …
  8. Steer clear of frozen water.

Do you need goggles for snowmobile?

Most helmets do include face shields but if you are using an open face helmet, you are going to want/need goggles. … Aside from also helping to keep your face warm, the goggles protect your eyes from UV light and from the occasional branch that you may ride through or from chunks of snow and ice kicking up from the sled.

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Do you need a license to drive a snowmobile in Michigan?

Who Can Legally Drive A Snowmobile in Michigan? Anyone with a driver’s license unless that person’s license is suspended. Anyone over the age of 12 and under the age of 17, with a valid snowmobile safety certificate in their immediate possession OR who is being supervised by an adult 21 years or older.

Can you ride a snowmobile on the road in Michigan?

Snowmobiles may be operated on a highway in a county road system, which is not normally snowplowed for vehicular traffic; and on the right-of-way or shoulder when no right-of-way exists on a snowplowed highway in a county road system, outside the corporate limits of a city or village, which is designated and marked for …

What is a trail sweep?

The last position of a group, called a “trail sweep,” is critical in maintaining proper spacing and leadership on the trail. This rider should be as experienced and knowledgeable as the trail leader.

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