How do I create a new story in Rally?

How do you split a story in Rally?

When you open the Story that you want to split, click the “gear” icon at the top right of the Story and select Split.

How do I create a custom view in rally?

Create a custom view in Rally to let you see if there are any code reviews in the current iteration which need your attention.

  1. Under the “TRACK” dropdown at the top navigation, click the plus button to add a new custom page.
  2. A “Custom Page” dialog box will appear.

What is a project in rally?

Projects in. Rally. are primarily used to represent development teams. Rally. allows you to create a hierarchy of projects to represent multiple teams, scrums, or products which mirror your company development structure.

What is the difference between Jira and rally?

Jira Software is more versatile compared to Rally Software. … Jira is also more user-friendly, with a simple to use and navigate interface. Rally Software has robust sprint management. Additionally, Rally Software has more automation features and integrates with other project management programs.

What is ready and blocked in rally?

Ready (boolean): Whether or not the task is ready. Owner ID (text): The ID of who owns the project. … Blocked Reason (text): The reason this task is blocked (if blocked). Estimated Time to Complete (text): the time to complete.

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What is blocked in rally?

The Blocked field in. Rally. provides an easy way for you to identify problems with current team work. Any time an issue outside your team’s control prevents progress, you should mark the work item as blocked to notify team members and other stakeholders.

How do you split a requirement?

Splitting Requirements

  1. Select the operation for which you want to split the requirements.
  2. Press the function key Split.
  3. You get to the dialog box Define splits.
  4. Split the requirements for the operation into partial requirements (so-called splits) and allocate the splits to people or individual capacities, if necessary.

What is story splitting?

“Splitting” consists of breaking up one user story into smaller ones, while preserving the property that each user story separately has measurable business value.

How do you split a user story?

Here are a 10 techniques on how to split user stories to get inspired by:

  1. Split the user stories by roles (e.g. buyer, admin, seller). …
  2. Break down the user stories by workflows — I recommend you define first what are the workflows from your product and the actors of each workflow. …
  3. Divide the user stories by data types.

How do I add a user in rally?

Add users to your Organization Account

  1. Go to your users in the left menu.
  2. Click the actions button in the upper right.
  3. Click add user.
  4. Enter the email of the person you want to invite and select their role. Then, click invite when you’re finished. You can invite multiple users at once.
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How do I see all features in Rally?

Navigate to the project at the top of your hierarchy, make sure Child Projects is selected at the bottom of the project navigator, and look at the full list of Features on the Portfolio Items screen. Include the Project field in your list to see where your feature is sitting – it may have been moved.

How do I share a rally dashboard?

Share A Custom Page

When creating or editing a custom page, select either the Share with all projects checkbox, or one or more projects in the Share with selected projects field in the custom page editor window to enable sharing of the page. Only administrators will see this option.

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