How do I know if I need a new snowmobile track?

Is it hard to replace a snowmobile track?

Anyone with a basic understanding of their snowmobile, has an open work space, some tools and a little patience can swap out their own snowmobile track. In order to get your old track off, you will need to remove your rear suspension, some parts under the hood and the drive shaft.

Can a snowmobile track be repaired?

A snowmobile’s track is one of the most important parts of the machine. … Repairing track is not something an amateur snowmobile mechanic should attempt, and it’s definitely not a duct tape type of operation if a track rips or tears. Serious rips, tears, and holes should be left to professional repair shops.

Is 6000 miles alot for a snowmobile?

There are lots of forums out there to read which models are good and which ones give trouble. 2000 miles isn’t a lot but on some motors that milage will make it a time bomb. I’ve seen 6000 mile sleds look better than 1000 mile ones. It all depends on previous owner just like anything else.

What is considered high mileage for snowmobile?

A snowmobile that is over 8,000 miles, and especially over 10,000 miles, is considered to be high mileage. Generally, the life expectancy of a snowmobile is around 15,000 miles.

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How do I know if my snowmobile track is bad?

Take note of these four signs that your snowmobile track needs to be replaced:

  1. Dry-Rotted Rubber. …
  2. Missing Lugs. …
  3. Missing Track Clips. …
  4. Worn or Torn Tracks.

How tight should a track be on a snowmobile?

With around 1-1/2 inch of track deflection with a small amount amount of force pushing down on the track (16 lbs per the manual), that seems to be a good balance of loose enough but not too loose.

Which way should arrow point on snowmobile track?

Most tracks will have a directional arrow molded into the rubber in the center that indicates the direction of rotation. If you flip the sled up to look at the bottom of the track, this arrow should be pointing to the rear of the sled (direction of travel).

How do you put a skid back in a snowmobile?

Tip the sled on its side, with skid in track pull rear idlers until track and skid are 90*, install front bolts. Push skid/track assembly back into tunnel, Tip sled back upright install rear bolts. If you leave the rear springs off the lower slides( no tension on springs) the rear bolts go in a lot easier.

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