How do I sign up for UHC rally?

How do I set up a rally account?

Please follow the steps provided below to get started:

  1. Navigate to ( …
  2. Click “Sign Up”.
  3. Enter your email address and desired password.
  4. Provide a few pieces of information to confirm your eligibility for Rally.

How does UHC rally work?

You’ll earn Rally coins when you complete your missions, complete a challenge – or even just for logging in once a day. You can use the coins to enter to earn rewards for all that good work! It’s a great way to experience the rewards of healthy living every day.

How do I get a rally Code?

Tap Next to begin setting up 2SV. Indicate how you want to receive your 6-digit code. Options include email or phone/text messaging; enter your phone number/email address and tap Send Code.

Is Rally health part of UnitedHealthcare?

UnitedHealthcare, a recognized leader in the health and well-being industry, began offering Rally HealthSM to its customers today. “We are thrilled to introduce Rally — a personalized, interactive health and wellness platform for all UnitedHealthcare plan members,” said the company in an announcement to its members.

What does rally mean in drinking?

to vomit (“boot”) due to over-consumption of alcohol, and then continue partying (“rally.”)

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What is a rally age?

Page 1. Your Rally Age is a measure that can help you assess your health, shown in years over or under your actual age. It demonstrates how your life choices and health behaviors impact your predicted lifespan.

What are the rally rewards?

Rally rewards you with “coins” when you complete a task. You can then redeem your coins in a wide variety of sweepstakes for chances to win health- and technology-related prizes such as fitness trackers, gift cards and more.

What are Rally for health rewards?

“Its Rally HealthSM program provides incentives and rewards to UnitedHealth members and self-insured employers for completing health surveys, taking healthy actions such as cutting back on sugar or completing challenges with the help of a wearable fitness device.”

What is Rally coach?

Rally Coach provides students with an opportunity to coach their peers through problems and questions. … The students solve problems or answer questions aloud in pairs. Students take turns solving one of their problems or questions aloud, so their partner coach can listen to their thinking and process.

How do I check in on Rally app?

Find Your Gym Use your location to select a gym or start typing to see a list. Add Your Gym Don’t see your gym listed? Just click “Add gym” to enter it. Confirm Your Gym Once you’ve selected your gym, click “Confirm.” That’s it!

How do I add a spouse to rally?

Each spouse/dependent must use the same mobile code for mobile registration. Each spouse/dependent must enter their first and last name. Each spouse/dependent must enter their DOB. Each spouse/dependent must use the same Group Number and Member ID that appears on their insurance card.

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