How do you clean a paintball barrel without squeegee?

Can I wash my paintballs with water?

NEVER Rinse Paintballs Off With Water

Because paintball shells are water soluble. That means if any water gets on them, the water will start to break down the outer shell and the paintball will begin to deteriorate.

How do you clean oily paintballs?

Some amount of lube in a bag of paintballs is normal and can easily be wiped away. To clean your paintballs, carefully pour your dirty or oily paintballs onto a paper towel. This method is intended to clean paintballs that have been in contact with a broken paintball or that are oily.

What is a paintball squeegee?

A Paintball Squeegee is a device used to clean broken paintball mess from your barrel. … There are three main types of squeegees: pull through, stick, and fluffy swab. A Pull Through Squeegee is a long flexible device made of plastic, rubber or cable with cleaning discs at one end.

Do paintballs wash off with rain?

And while rain will remove most of the paint over time, you can always quicken the process by washing the paint off with a garden hose. Now if your garden hose isn’t long enough to reach the tree, then you’ll simply have to carry a bucket of water and a cloth/sponge with you and wash it off.

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