How do you fix a deep scratch on a kayak?

Use a heat gun on low heat or a blow dryer on high heat running over the gel-filled scratches until they disappear. Take extra precaution to not melt or cause any extra damage to your kayak. Allow gel to cure and bond for at least 24 hours before the next use.

Can you sand scratches out of a kayak?

If the scratches are deep, you might need to use Hobie’s repair system to add material. If no, just remember that you CAN sand out scratches, but be careful not to make the surface too hot with friction, and use fine sandpaper.

Can you buff a kayak?


Scratches or superficial damage can be buffed with rubbing compound and followed with a polishing compound. Gel coat repair kits are also available from your Wilderness Systems dealer for more extensive repairs. Hard impacts may result in structural damage, so inspect your hull after a collision.

Can you polish a kayak?

Clean your polyethylene kayak with mild soap and water. … Superficial scratches may occur, but can be removed or reduced by use of a marine boat polish designed for polyethylene hulls. Sanding or use of an abrasive rubbing compound is not recommended.

Does Flex Seal work on kayaks?

Re: Flex Seal for kayak repair

That stuff is AMAZING for fixing a kayak. It is flexible, bonds extremely well to plastic, and of course totally waterproof. It is also very cheap compared to other bonding agents. Check out Lowes or Home Depot in the gutter section.

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What should I use to clean my kayak?

Your kayak is designed to need a minimum amount of maintenance. A simple fresh water rinse or mild soap washing is all that is needed, especially if the boat is paddled in salt water. Composite boats can be waxed with a good quality marine or car wax.

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