How do you succeed in paintball?

Can you make money in paintball?

How much profit can a paintball field make? With a good business plan, paintball business owners earn an average of between $20,000 and $30,000 per year. That amount increases in direct proportion to the amount of community participation in your business and the number of arenas you operate.

What is the most important rule in paintball?

The most important rule in paintball is that all players must wear a protective goggle system or mask at all times when they are playing or near other people who are playing.

How much land is needed for a paintball field?

How many fields will you run? Outdoor fields require acres of land and indoor fields will need an absolute minimum 20,000 square feet (i.e. an old warehouse). In theory, more fields bring in more money because you can have more games going at once, but what if you can’t book them every we?

How much do Nxl refs make?

The highest salary for a Paintball Referee in United States is $74,344 per year. The lowest salary for a Paintball Referee in United States is $26,691 per year.

What does a paintball referee do?

A minimum of one person is to be designated as the Referee for each Paintball game. The Referee will be the one who starts the game, stops the game for paint checks, decides the issues that may arise and who ends the game. The Referee should have a whistle for signaling the start, stopping and ending of the game.

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