How fast do you have to go to skip water on a snowmobile?

For example, if a snowmobile and rider weighed 780 lbs., it would have to be going at least 30 mph to skip. The distance of water a snowmobile can cross is 2″, plus 1/2″ for every 5 mph over the minimum skip-speed.

What is the world record for a snowmobile on water?

The record for farthest distance on a snowmobile on water is 69.28 km (43.3 miles) and was achieved by Kyle Nelson (CAN) on the Cowan Lake, Canada on 3 September 2005.

How fast is too fast on a snowmobile?

Even entry-level snowmobiles can go as fast as 70-90 mph, while high-performance sport snowmobiles can go up to 110-120 mph under ideal conditions.

Do snowmobiles sink in water?

If one hits the water at an acceptable speed (5 mph per 150 lb or 12 km/h per 100 kg of weight) and keeps the sled’s throttle open, the track keeps the snowmobile on the surface of the water without sinking. If the rider backs out of the throttle or the sled bogs or floods out, the sled will sink.

How fast should you go on a snowmobile?

For example, the Ski-Doo MXZ X 850 has a top speed of 128 mph. Snowmobiles for beginners usually range from 80 mph to 100 mph. They’re also good for work if you don’t need to travel far distances.


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Snowmobile Top Speed
Ski-Doo MXZ 600 100 mph
Polaris Switchback Pro-S 800 105 mph

How fast is a 900 Ace?

Ski-Doos powered with the 900 ACE can typically reach the top speed of 80-90 mph.

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