How long does slackline webbing last?

Even with zero use, a slackline webbing should be retired after 10 years. That pretty much covers the proper handling of your slackline webbing.

When should you replace a slackline?

With regular use (once a week), the Slackline should be replaced after 1 year. The life of the webbing depends on several factors: the use (or misuse), the contact with water (especially if salted water), the exposure to the sun, the atmospheric agents, the temperature, the dust and the dirt.

Is it OK to leave a slack line up?

It’s perfectly fine to leave it up. I would de-tension it when you’re done for the day. It probably wouldn’t be good for your biners to stay tensioned for a long time.

How do you clean a webbing slackline?

To clean your Slackline just soak in warm water with a bit of soap (a not aggressive one), leaving aside for about one hour; after that, you will need to rinse it well under running water. Do not put it in the washing machine with the spinning: there’s the risk to ruin the rubber printed on the surface.

How much webbing do I need for slackline?

A good rule of thumb to go by is that your webbing should be 3 times stronger than the maximum tension you will ever tension said webbing to. For instance, if you plan on setting up a line that is 600 feet long with about 8 feet of sag, that will require roughly 3,000 lbs of tension.

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How much force does a slackline exert?

If this is extrapolated to a slackliner weighing 80kg, then a force corresponding to 0.8kN is exerted on the slackline.

What are forces?

Mass Forces
1000 kg 10 000 N = 1000 daN = 10 kN

How dangerous is slacklining?

The amount of damage that can occur is extreme and known to be severe. Being hit by a slackline that has much tension on it can cause fatal injuries. There are more than a few videos on you tube that show bystanders injured by flying equipment. and sudden breakage of the nylon web.

Can you leave a slackline up overnight?

We do not recommend leaving your GIBBON slackline set up when not in use, as it will reduce the perfomance of the webbing over time, and can have adverse effects on any fixpoints (e.g. trees).

Can you leave a slackline out in the rain?

TL;DR Take the line down in the rain. Don’t leave it up for more than 2 or 3 days.

Can you machine wash webbing?

Washing rope and webbing in a top-loading washing machine is the easiest method. Run the empty machine through a cycle with plain water to rinse any harsh detergents from the machine before starting. Use cold water and the appropriate amount of detergent. … Put the rope in the machine and wash on the gentle cycle.

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