How much do skydiving businesses make?

For those who work year-round and operate full time, yearly salaries may reach as high as $44,000 per year, according to However, for a more general range, most skydivers make an average of between $20,000 and $40,000 per year, according to

How profitable is a skydiving business?

In skydiving, the big money-maker is ‘tandem jumps’, and the operator can easily pocket $100+ per jump, after paying other costs. Here is the formula being used by typical skydiving companies, to maximize profits: set up a facility/operation at a quiet exurban airport, typically 20-40 miles from a large urban center.

How much does a skydiving company make?

TL;DR If you’re willing to invest $25–30k into getting the required ratings and gear (which, I realize, is probably less than many people in countries like the USA spend on college/university tuition), you can quite realistically make $50–75k per year as a commercial skydiver.

Can you make a living skydiving?

These days, skydivers can also make money by doing tandem jumps with students to introduce new potential skydivers to the sport. That’s a great way to experience freefall without being completely dependent on yourself.

Is skydiving waste of money?

It’s an investment in life-long memories.

Knowing you’re capable of anything and the confidence that comes with it, in our mind, definitely makes skydiving worth the money; similarly, a single experience changing your entire outlook on life for the better is one incredible return on investment.

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How long does it take to open a parachute?

How long does it take your parachute to open? In all of the testing the parachute must be fully opened within 3 seconds of activation. At lower altitudes this usually means the parachute will be open in about 300-400 ft.

Do skydiving instructors get paid well?

I know it’s hard to believe, but skydiving instructors earn money to fall dangerously fast to the ground and teach others how to fall too. … Also, instructors are paid per jump. According to Bankrate, instructors will earn on average between $18,000 and $30,000 per year.

How long does it take to become a professional skydiver?

AFF is an eight-part course – four to six hours of ground training followed by seven supervised jumps – that teaches you the fundamentals of becoming a licensed skydiver. To jump without supervision at any dropzone, you have to earn your USPA-sanctioned A license.

What is the lowest height you can open a parachute?

Most main parachutes take 600 to 1200 feet of free fall to open. The reserve parachute can open in less than 400 feet. The reserve absolute minimum would be around 700 feet to land without injury. A parachute is the only tool that would help you safely land from performing a high altitude jump.

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