How much does it cost to fly in a wingsuit?

What Does It Cost to Learn to Wingsuit Fly? Total cost = USD $16,000 (£9,800), plus a time commitment of 18 months in which to complete a minimum of 200 freefall jumps before starting a wing-suit flying course.

How long can you fly with a wingsuit?

Longest time: The longest (duration) wingsuit flight was 9 minutes, 6 seconds. Highest: The highest altitude wingsuit jump was 11,358 m (37,265 ft)

Do you need a license to wingsuit?

When you arrive for a wingsuit first flight course, you’ll need to prove with a signed logbook that you’ve completed a minimum of 200 skydives, preferably in the last 18 months, and have earned your USPA B-license (or foreign equivalent).

How hard is it to fly a wingsuit?

So how difficult is it? It is a challenging discipline within the sport of skydiving. Everyone who learns make mistakes and errors, you’re not going to master wingsuit flying in 100 flights, but each one you will take away a little more skill and knowledge.

How many jumps do you need to wingsuit?

You’ve got to do a minimum of 200 freefalls in the last 18 month period or 500 jumps total before you can do a wingsuit jump and then to fly the kind of wingsuits I’m flying you have to do a minimum of 250 wingsuit jumps. That’s the minimum.

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Can you fly up in a wingsuit?

Watch as BASE Pilots Show How Much Altitude Can Be Gained in Modern Wingsuits. So while they’re still dangerous, modern wingsuits are now technologically advanced enough to allow pilots to actually gain altitude after leaving the drop zone and come ever closer to achieving flight.

How much does it cost to jump out of a plane?

The Average Cost of a Skydive

In the USA, the average price of a skydive hovers around $250. That buys you a tandem jump out of an aircraft, attached to a highly experienced, rated and certified instructor via skydiving equipment that keeps you and your new best friend together for the entire experience.

Can you buy a wingsuit?

The full line of Wingsuits from TonySuits is available at Rock Sky Market! Let our sales staff help you choose and customize your next (or first ) wingsuit! Please contact us today at or 1-815-786-4560.

Can you hit a bird while skydiving?

During free fall you’ll be doing around 120mph at terminal velocity. At those speeds, if you hit a bird, yes it can potentially kill you. However, skydivers normally open their parachutes above 3500ft. The chances of hitting a bird at that altitude is extremely rare.

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