How often should I grease my snowmobile?

To keep things cool and working smoothly, the parts are bathed in oil; it should be changed at least once per year. Drain the chaincase lube into a container and note its condition. If it’s slippery, looks clean and seems to be in good shape, give yourself a high five for not neglecting the drivetrain.

What is the best grease for a snowmobile?

Amsoil synthetic is a good one to use or any good synthetic will work.

How often should you rebuild snowmobile shocks?

first rebuild should be after the first season or 1000 miles, every 1500-2000 after that, depending on the conditions.

How often should you check your snowmobile spark plugs?

Keep your snowmobile in top performing condition by changing out your spark plugs on a regular basis. For moderate snowmobile use, one set of spark plugs per season is sufficient. If you’re riding hard and often, be prepared to change out your spark plugs more frequently.

How do you tip a snowmobile on the side?

splat10 said: says right in the service manual to tip it onto its side with the clutch side down (keeps oil where it belongs).

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What should you not do on a snowmobile?

Do not pull people on anything behind your snowmobile. Snowmobiles are not designed to pull sleds, skiers or saucers and it is very unsafe to do so. We hope these snowmobile safety tips lead to a fun and safe riding experience.

Do snowmobiles need oil changes?

Recommended schedules for oil changes in snowmobiles will vary slightly by manufacturer but generally speaking oil should be changed after 500 miles on a brand new sled and 2500 miles thereafter. Aficionados recommend you change the oil regardless of the miles at the beginning of each season.

What should you always remove before leaving your snowmobile unattended?

Preparing Your Snowmobile for Storage

  1. Clean it thoroughly.
  2. Wax it.
  3. Replace worn or missing screws and bolts.
  4. Drain all fuel from the tank. …
  5. Remove the spark plugs. …
  6. Remove the drive belt so that it won’t stretch during storage.
  7. Lubricate the drive clutch with light grease.

How do I know if my snowmobile suspension is bad?

You can tell your snowmobile is due for new shocks in the following ways:

  1. Poor handling.
  2. Lack of nitrogen or other fluid causes the shock to compress easily (gas-charged shocks)
  3. The piston moves a lot more freely than it once did (regular shocks)
  4. Fluid leakage.

How much does it cost to rebuild snowmobile shocks?

Snowmobile Services

Basic Rebuild Services Price (each)
Rebuild Fox/ACT Std Shock $45*
Rebuild Fox Reservoir Shock $55*
Rebuild Fox Float / Float 2 / Float 3 $55*
Rebuild Fox Float Evol / Evol R $65*
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