Is it OK to play paintball in the rain?

Most paintballs have a water-based fill. Consequently, if paintballs are left in a lot of water for a period, they will take on the appearance of little water balloons. If you are using your own paintball battle mask, it should have a visor. This will keep rain somewhat off your lenses.

Is it good to play paintball in the rain?

Rain can make the paintball courses very muddy and slippery. You should prepare for a slower-paced game and shorter games. Rain completely changes the gameplay and you may find that you and your friends will want to stop more often to dry off their gear.

Are paintball guns waterproof?

Most electronic markers will be fine in the rain but a few precautions can prevent mishaps. Most circuit boards are sealed against moisture but keeping water out of the grip frame is still best practice. … Water getting inside your paintball barrel will ruin the accuracy of any marker.

Can paintballs get wet?

Because paintball shells are water soluble. That means if any water gets on them, the water will start to break down the outer shell and the paintball will begin to deteriorate. … So please, don’t ever think it’s a good idea to rinse your paintballs off with water. And if they do ever get wet, just toss them away.

How do you dry paintballs?

One of the top tips is to keep the paintballs in a cool, dry place. You’ll also need to rotate them now and then. The proper temperature to keep paintballs in is about 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the area isn’t humid because humidity will cause the paintballs to swell and not function correctly.

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