Is raft only available on PC?

OS: Windows 7 or later.

Is raft only on PC?

Raft, developed by Redbeet Interactive, is out now on Steam and lets you survive the open and dangerous ocean with just a raft to your name. … If the title does well on Steam, then maybe down the line, the developers might announce a release on another console, but unfortunately Raft is only playable via Steam.

Is raft only on Windows?

Raft for Windows is a fun survival and crafting game suitable for both kids and adults. It is an open-world sea adventure, which puts you on a raft in the middle of nowhere. … Developed by Redbeet Interactive, the game is quite relaxing and has entered Steam’s early access phase.

Is raft on mobile?

Raft is an oddly addictive survival simulator out now for Android.

Is it worth buying the Raft 2020?

Updated on January 20, 2021, by Jessica Thomas: Raft is an early access game that continues to grow in popularity due to its unique concept. … Even in its current state, though, the game is worth trying out — there is plenty to explore even with only two chapters.

Can Raft be played solo?

Raft throws you and your friends into an epic oceanic adventure! Alone or together, players battle to survive a perilous voyage across a vast sea!

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Can you play raft with a controller?

Does raft support controller? … Also, there is no controller support for Raft right now so even if they’re porting it to consoles, it’ll be a very long time.

Is raft on PS4 2021?

Raft is currently in Early Access, so until there’s a full launch there isn’t any chance of a Raft PS4 release. … Gather debris to survive, expand your raft and be wary of the dangers of the ocean! The game will be available in Early Access in January 2021.

Is raft an online game?

Raft started as a prototype on and with the amazing support from the community, an Early Access version full of new features, online multiplayer and more is now available on Steam since May 23rd 2018!

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