Is the Canyon Spectral an enduro?

Canyon goes onto say the brand’s enduro racers will continue to use the Strive as their race mount. The handy pull out lever built into the rear axle. Besides some kinematic differences, the Strive has Canyon’s Shapeshifter on the fly geometry adjust, while the Spectral 29 has a flip-chip.

Can you mullet a canyon spectral?

Designed to do-all-the-things, the Canyon Spectral:ON features 150mm of travel, a mullet wheel setup, and tight geometry that makes this one seriously agile e-MTB.

Can the canyon Strive climb?

Strive CF 9.0 climbing performance

Unlike the Shapeshifter of old that not only seemed to be a pain to setup (it could also be quite unreliable) but required a huge physical weight shift to engage its climb mode, the new 2.0 version is far less hassle.

Are Canyon bikes coming to Canada?

The German brand’s Canadian e-commerce store is now open. After much anticipation, Canyon Bicycles has finally officially announced that its bikes are now available in Canada. The company, founded in Koblenz, Germany in 2002, prides itself on its direct-to-consumer model of bike retail.

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