Is there a skateboarding anime?

Skate-Leading☆Stars (Japanese: スケートリーディング☆スターズ, Hepburn: Sukēto Rīdingu☆Sutāzu) is an original Japanese anime television series produced by J.C.Staff, created by Gorō Taniguchi, and directed by Toshinori Fukushima. The series aired from January 10 to March 28, 2021.

Is there any anime about skateboarding?

After being teased last week, Aniplex announced that the Hiroko Utsumi and Bones collaboration TV anime series will be SK8 the Infinity, a “Youth Skateboard Race Anime.” The airing date was revealed alongside the main staff members and the first trailer for the heelflip of an anime series.

How old is Miya SK8 the Infinity?

Miya Chinen is a young and talented skater. He is just 12 but he can beat people twice his age in skating.

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