Question: Can you wear Thrasher If you longboard?

Can people who longboard wear Thrasher?

Yes. I honestly don’t care most of the time what I’m wearing (other than protective gear, then I care A LOT) when I’m skating on my longboard. A longboard is an expression of your interests, and can suit and should suit your style. So what if you’re wearing a thrasher mag shirt and jeans.

Is it OK to wear Thrasher if you don’t skate?

Originally Answered: Can you wear Thrasher if you dont skate? You can where whatever you’d like too you don’t need to skate to wear Thrasher you can wear the brand for any reason you’d like to wear it. You don’t need to Skate to wear Thrasher. So feel free to wear whatever you want to wear.

Can you wear Thrasher If you Scooter?

Can I wear Thrasher if I scooter and longboard? – Quora. Yes, you absolutely can!

Why do skaters hate Thrasher?

Generally speaking, Thrasher has a slightly tarnished reputation because of people who can’t skate wearing it for the sole impression of looking like a skater. The posers will usually wear it, not because it looks cool, but because it would make them look like a skater, which looks cool.

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Can you wear skate brands if you don’t skate?

Yes you can wear those clothing brands even though you do not skateboard.

Why is mall grabbing bad?

If you want to look like a poseur then mall grabbing is a good way to do it. Mall grabbing is also bad from a logistical standpoint because it will damage your shorts or your pants because you will be walking with the grip tape rubbing against it. This can cause wear and tear to your pants.

Is Thrasher a good brand?

Thrasher is a long standing, respected and authentic skateboarding brand, originally started as a magazine decades ago.

Are you a poser if you wear Vans?

Vans is a skateboarding brand as well as a clothing brand. … People who wear Vans but don’t skateboard are sometimes called posers because it used to be a skateboarding brand and now it is a fashion and skateboarding brand. You can buy Vans at Zumiez, Journeys, Foot Locker and, of course, the Vans store or online.

What does the Thrasher symbol mean?

The reason behind this style is that the logo is a symbol of freedom, rebellion and resilience. It is also a symbol of belonging to a community. People who wear merchandise bearing this symbol think of themselves as rebels as they are skateboarders.

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