Question: How do you get approved for a raft?

To be eligible for RAFT: A family must be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. income at or below 30% of Area Media Income (AMI), and a maximum of 50 percent for families between 30-50% AMI.

What documents do you need for raft?

To determine eligibility, it is MANDATORY that people bring their ID (for all household members), most updated proof of income, and proof of housing crisis documentation. Paystubs – four most recent (must be consecutive/in a row) • Benefit award letter dated within last 30 days (SSI, SSP, TAFDC, etc.)

How long does a raft application take?

It will take between four and seven weeks to process all applications. In response to the increased need due to COVID-19, DHCD has authorized a series of changes to make RAFT a more effective tool to help address today’s housing crises.

Who is eligible for Erma?

Who qualifies for RAFT & ERMA? Households can consist of a single person. Do not have to have a dependent child or two people. Individuals, families with older children, couples without children, unaccompanied youth, and households of any size.

What is raft funding?

Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) Program. The RAFT program helps keep households in stable housing situations when facing eviction, foreclosure, loss of utilities, and other housing emergencies caused by loss of income, increase in expenses, or both.

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Is raft a free game?

Is the raft free? Yes, Raft for Windows is a survival game that users can download for free.

What is HomeBASE program?

HomeBASE is a state program that assists families leaving emergency shelters to transition to permanent housing. The program can provide a maximum of $10,000 over a 12-month period to cover housing-related costs, including: rental start-up costs, including first and last month’s rent and a security deposit.

What is a champ application?

Welcome to CHAMP (Common Housing Application for Massachusetts Programs). Using this site, you will be able to apply for state-aided public housing and the Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP), and you will also be able to find any existing applications you may have.

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