Question: Is rallying the most dangerous?

Is rally the most dangerous?

As many have pointed out, rallying is undoubtedly more dangerous than Formula 1 racing. The video above is him crashing at high speed at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in 2007. Despite the high speed impact, all the injury he had was a concussion and a sprained ankle.

How dangerous is rallying?

Spectator Safety. Stage Rally can be dangerous. Competing cars are often running fast on common roads. Therefore the spectators are required for responsible behavior to secure their own safety as they are mostly not protected with barriers as on racing circuits.

Why is Dakar so dangerous?

What makes Dakar so dangerous? The rally pits drivers not only against one another, but also against some of the most extreme terrain in the world. While the biggest challenge in Africa was its deserts, South America has many more obstacles.

Are rally drivers better than F1?

The one that would do better is the one that can adapt the quickest. F1 is smooth track, very high speed to slow and back, while Rally is very rough, unpredictable surface and continuous, sometimes unpredictable speed changes. Getting airborne is a disaster in F1, and big air is common in Rally.

Do rally drivers know the track?

So, yes, the driver doesn’t memorize the course. Rally drivers can do rally’s on many different courses in a single day.

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