Quick Answer: Are real skateboards heavy?

The Heavyweights technology from Real uses thicker x-band plys that generally make skateboard decks strong and durable. This makes them a little heavier but also a lot stronger, plus these decks provide long-lasting pop.

Are skateboards supposed to be heavy?

A standard skateboard deck weighs between 2-5 pounds, which means without trucks, bearings, wheels, and grip and you standing on it! In addition with trucks, wheels, and bearings totals range around 7-10 pounds. This fluctuates depending on the components you purchase.

What is considered a heavy skateboard?

Heavier individuals will usually want something 8.25 inches wide or more to help distribute their weight. … As far as the length is concerned, most skateboards are 32 inches long or under with anything over normally considered to be a longboard.

Is it better to have a heavy or light skateboard?

Heavy skateboard trucks are usually easier to grind on because of more weight, but at the same time, it can be difficult to lift the skateboard high up. … If you are not that very big, it is important to choose a light skateboard truck, especially if you are planning to do stunts with many jumps.

Can a skateboard be too light?

Most skaters go with the lighter trucks obviously so the board isn’t as heavy, and so it’s much easier to ollie and do tricks. Don’t get something that’s too light though. Too light means there’s less metal supplemented to the truck, and therefore it could give you something like this: Not good.

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Can you do tricks on a heavy board?

You will be able to perform all the basic skateboarding tricks even on the best longboards for heavy riders along with most of the hard ones. It will just take you a long time to reach a high level if you’re a complete beginner.

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