Quick Answer: Can you go to the top of Stone Mountain?

Guests looking for a little more adventure during their visit can take the 1-mile trek to the top of the mountain. The Walk-Up Trail is open daily from dawn to dusk, unless otherwise posted. On a haze-free day, you can see 60 miles from the mountain! …

Can you drive to the top of Stone Mountain?

The park entrance fee and parking fee are the same. … There is a fee to get into the Stone Mountain Park, but parking is free throughout. You can drive around, park, walk the various trails, and there are some restaurants in the park.

How much does it cost to go to the top of Stone Mountain?

The cable car to the top of the mountain is $8 one way (because you can walk up or down the mounrain) or $12 round trip. over a year ago. it is $8 one way or $12 round trip. keep in mind you have many oportunities to spend money.

How long does it take to get to the top of Stone Mountain?

1-2 hours with small kids and stops along the way. over a year ago. It’s a one mile hike and is rated as a moderate difficulty. Easier route is 1.3 miles.

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How much is the Skyride at Stone Mountain?

Individual tickets are $10 per person, round-trip, and $6 per person, one-way. Admission is included with the Adventure Pass.

Is Stone Mountain worth visiting?

Stone Mountain, sitting just outside Gwinnett County, is a historic monument to our area’s diverse offerings and rich cultural experiences. The mecca of the South, this beloved attraction boasts so much inspiration and beauty, we’d be heartbroken if you missed out on all it has to offer.

How many calories do you burn walking up Stone Mountain?

A 200-lb. person can expect to burn around 637 calories hiking quickly in the mountains while only burning 455 calories cross-country, says CalorieLab.

What time does Stone Mountain Open?

When is Stone Mountain Park open? Park gates open daily at 5 a.m. and close at midnight.

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