Quick Answer: Can you skateboard after it rains?

Make sure your wheels aren’t wet when you put them back in. Take off the trucks and dry them with a towel, that should be enough. Trucks can deal with a bit of rain if you make sure to dry them afterward. … You could leave it out in the sun but chances are it isn’t shining when you got back from a rainy skate session.

Is it OK to skate after it rains?

Skating boarding when the ground is wet or when it’s raining is harmful to the deck of the board because it will soak up water and warp the wood. You should never leave a wet skateboard just to sit and drip. Always dry it off immediately and even consider using a hair dryer to dry it off.

Can you skateboard on wet pavement?

You might get away with skating on wet ground on flat pavement, but I definitely wouldn’t advise it for a few reasons: The water will cause your bearings to rust, which you will eventually have to replace. Your actual board will get water in it, causing it to expand and destroying any pop it has.

How long should I wait to skate after rain?

When it’s mostly dry. Sometimes I skate when its still wet, usually I wait until theres only a few puddles or wet spots left. For example if it just rained in the morning i would wait until i got back from school to skate. About 5 hours it decent i supposed dependent on various factors.

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Is it bad to roller skate on wet ground?

You should avoid rollerblading in the rain. It becomes extremely slippery and it takes you longer to stop. Your skates can slip easily in both pushing and when turning, so falls are likely. It also damages your skates, including your bearings.

Is it OK to skateboard everyday?

One hour a day is enough to maintain skills, but you’ll never improve. Five hours+ a day is the key to rapid development. But too many people treat simply “being at the skatepark” as time spent skateboarding.

Is Sand bad for skateboards?

Make sure to take care of bad chips. Sand down splintered wood, round off sharp edges, and don’t let your tail get so thin it becomes like a blade! These can hurt, and also, they can act as places for the board to fracture.

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