Quick Answer: How do you put a snowmobile in the back of a truck without a ramp?

How do you get a snowmobile in the back of a truck without a ramp?

Build a Custom Snow Ramp

Another common way to load a snowmobile without a ramp is by using a snow bank as a natural ramp. Just back up your truck to a snow bank, and ride your sled directly onto the bed.

Can you put a snowmobile in the bed of a truck?

To put it simply, two people have to lift the front, in other words, the skis onto the tailgate. Then both of you have to go to the rear, lift the back end and push it into the bed. In the best scenario, there should also be a person in the bed pulling the thing.

How many people lift a snowmobile?

Alex. gbousum said: Always use 2 people pulling the skis- trying to push from the back end does nothing, like pushing a wet noodle. If you cant find 2 people with healthy bodies then get 3 people, 2 on the skis one on the front bumper.

How much does a tuff Lift Cost?

$9,300 obo, new this is over 11k.

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