Quick Answer: What is the land like in the Appalachian Mountains?

Much of the Appalachian Mountains are forested, and these trees create a thick, canopy cover along the mountain range. At higher elevations, the mountains are covered by evergreen forests made up of fir and spruce, while the lower parts of the mountains include more broadleaf trees, such as beeches and oaks.

What is the landscape in Appalachian?

Geographically, the region is also diverse. Physiographic provinces include the unglaciated Blue Ridge Mountains, Appalachian Plateaus, Interior Low Plateaus, and Ozark Plateaus, and the glaciated Central Lowlands. The Mississippi floodplain and Gulf Coastal Plain extend into the region.

Why are the Appalachian Mountains smooth and rounded?

Why are the Appalachian Mountains smooth and rounded? The water, wind and ice have caused the rock to break down. … Because it crosses the Appalachian Mountains and connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean making moving goods by boat faster and cheaper.

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