Quick Answer: What is the relationship among the locations of volcanoes and mountain ranges?

Answer. active volcanoes,earthquake epicenters and mountain belts are all in the same location. earthquakes mostly occur when volcanoes are erupted,when earthquakes occur the plates will suddenly move,it’s either move towards each other,move apart from each other or move plates move slide past each other.

How do you describe and relate the distribution among the location of volcanoes and mountain ranges?

Areas with volcanoes have earthquake epicenters because volcanic activity resulted shaking of ground known as volcanic earthquake. … The distribution of earthquake epicenters, volcanoes, and mountain ranges serves as the basis for the scientist in dividing the Earth’s lithosphere into several segments called plates.

What is the relationship between the location of the active volcanoes and the boundaries of the tectonic plates?

These plates move relative to one another above a hotter, deeper, more mobile zone at average rates as great as a few inches per year. Most of the world’s active volcanoes are located along or near the boundaries between shifting plates and are called “plate-boundary” volcanoes.

What mountain ranges are associated with the locations of earthquakes and volcanoes?

The Ring of Fire is the site of mountain ranges, along with Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

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What are the similarities of volcano and mountains?

Answer: The similarities of a volcano and a mountain is that they are land forms that stretches above the surface of the earth that can na steep like a peak or not as steep.

How are mountain ranges distributed Where are they located?

Answer: They are not ‘distributed’ per se. Mountain ranges exist where plates collide or along volcanic fault lines. … The North American and South American continents are moving westward, and as they meet the Pacific plate they fold and buckle and create the mountains along the western reaches of both continents.

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