Quick Answer: What Jets are at Mountain Home AFB?

The wing is home to three fighter squadrons: the 389th Fighter Squadron, 391st Fighter Squadron and a Republic of Singapore 428th Fighter Squadron. The wing has the firepower of more than 50 F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft and 12 Republic of Singapore Air Force F-15SG aircraft.

What kind of jets are at Mountain Home AFB?

Mountain Home AFB features the 366th Fighter Wing, responsible for 50 F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft. These missions are handled via the 389th Fighter Squadron and the 391st Fighter Squadron.

What planes does Luke AFB use?

As part of Air Education and Training Command, and home to 24 squadrons with both F-35A Lightning II and F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, the 56th graduates more than 400 pilots and 300 air control professionals annually.

Is Mountain Home AFB a good base?

The base itself is a very nice and clean base. From what I could tell the housing on base is well kept and clean. In size, the base is comparable to any other base, but technically it is a smaller base as far as how many people live on it.

How many people are stationed at Mountain Home AFB?

The population at Mountain Home AFB is roughly 4,500 active duty, 6,000 family members, 7,000 retirees, and 650 civilian employees. Your sponsor will arrange transportation onto the base or you can call the base taxi at 828-2215 or the Mountain Home Shuttle Service at 580-1887.

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Is Mountain Home Idaho a good place to live?

Mountain Home is a small town where everybody knows you. Its very welcoming and friendly. The town is very safe and family friendly with plenty of family activities and places to eat. It is also a short drive from two major cities.

Is Luke Air Force Base still active?

On 16 July 2013, the Air Force announced that Luke AFB will house a total of 144 F-35A Lightning IIs.

Luke Air Force Base
Built 1941 (as Luke Field)
In use 1941 – present
Garrison information
Garrison 56th Fighter Wing (host) 944th Fighter Wing

Is Luke Air Force Base Closing?

The ‘face’ of Luke Air Force Base is retiring.

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