What are paintball O rings made of?

The majority of the o-rings are nitrile. Nitrile, aka buna N, is a common rubber compound with two qualities important to paintballers – resistance to carbon dioxide (both liquid and gaseous) and automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

What kind of O-rings do paintball guns use?

Here you will find many of the standard o-rings that are used in paintball markers and in other various pneumatic applications. Most of the o-rings that we sell are high quality buna-nitrile (also known as “buna”, “Nitrile Rubber” or “Buna-N”) o-rings.

What are paintball bullets made of?

Paintballs, also simply called “paint”, are spherical gelatin capsules containing primarily polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble substances, and dye. Paintballs are made of materials found in food items, and are edible but taste disagreeable as they tend to dry up the mouth.

How long do paintball rings last?

They typically will cycle over 250,000 times before breaking their first oring! I have an A-5 that I used for 10 years every time I played. I bet it has over 500,000 shots thru it and it still shoots great.

Where are the O rings on a paintball gun?

These are the o-rings that fit on your tank valve that seal it when you put the tank on your gun. It fits in a groove at the top of the valve. The tank o-ring is usually polyurethane, but some are made from PTFE.

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What is the difference between green O rings and black O rings?

Difference between black o rings and green o rings

Black o rings are primarily neoprene or Nitrile or, in some cases, a mix of the two materials. … Green o rings are hydrogenated Nitrile, also known as highly saturated Nitrile, or more commonly known as HNBR.

Is Viton better than Nitrile?

General Suitability: Viton® is best suited for diverse sealing jobs that require high temperature and chemical resistance. … This makes Viton® far superior to Nitrile in these regards. They are also designed to resist most oils and lubricants, more importantly petroleum-based lubricants.

Can I make my own paintball?

To make your own simple paintball gun, you need these four components: a barrel, a trigger, a burst of gas and a paintball. Making the barrel is the simple part. You need a length of rigid pipe, PVC is probably your best bet. It’s important to match the diameter of the pipe to the size of the paintball.

What paintballs hurt the most?

The most painful type of paintball will be high caliber and difficult to break on contact. That makes . 68 caliber and reusable paintballs most painful overall. For less painful options, you’ll want to go with lower caliber paintballs, like .

When should you change paintball o-rings?

When the gun starts becoming inconsistent even after baseline maintenance. Basic clean and lube after every day of play, o-rings are done at the start of every spring and other parts when needed.

What size is a paintball tank O-ring?

10 paintball O-rings per package.


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