What can you do at Little River Canyon?

What is Little River Canyon known for?

From bird watching to bicycling and hiking to hunting, Little River Canyon National Preserve offers a wide variety of outdoor activities that any group can enjoy. … The Backcountry Area features 23 miles of dirt roads perfect for horseback riding, as well as hunting and fishing, and High Rock, a popular swimming area.

Can you swim in Little River Canyon?

When it comes to activities, Little River Canyon National Preserve doesn’t disappoint. It offers a variety of outdoor activities for all ages, including swimming. According to Southern Living, swimming at Alabama’s Little River Canyon is one of the South’s best outdoor adventures.

Is Little River Canyon free?

Fee free days provide an excellent opportunity for everyone to get out and explore a national park. There are a total of six fee free days for 2021.

Can you camp at Little River Canyon?

There is presently no camping at Little River Canyon National Preserve Camping is currently not permitted at Little River Canyon National Preserve. DeSoto State Park offers tent, trailer, RV, and backcountry camping, as well as other lodging accomodations.

Can dogs go to Little River Canyon?

Pets are allowed in all areas of the park, to include the Little River Canyon Center.

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