What can you farm in mountains?

Traditional crops such as corn, tomatoes, apples, and peaches continue to be grown widely in the Blue Ridge mountains and foothills of North Carolina. For decades, burley tobacco has been a mainstay cash crop and a way of life for mountain farmers.

What kind of farming is done in mountains?

Answer: Graduated terrace steps are commonly used to farm on hilly or mountainous terrain. Terraced fields decrease both erosion and surface runoff, and may be used to support growing crops that require irrigation, such as rice.

Is it possible to farm in the mountains?

Mountain farming is largely family farming. … Cultivating mountain areas, with their patches of useable land dispersed at different altitudes, with many different climates and limited use for mechanization, is most effectively carried out by family farms.

What type of farming is most common in mountainous areas?

From a global perspective, mountain farming is family farming. Mountain areas, with their dispersed patches of useable land at different altitudes with different climates and with their often highly fragmented landscapes and narrow limits for mechanization, are most efficiently and effectively managed by family farms.

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Why are mountains good for farming?

Farming activities in mountainous regions face natural constraints that inhibit high productivity. Instead, such areas are often of high nature value and feature attractive landscapes. … This high nature value farmland has been shaped through traditional low-intensity agricultural systems (Lomba et al., 2014).

Why are agricultural activities in high mountains difficult?

The first is the weather and soil conditions that shorten growing seasons. The second is the labour cost, which is higher than in other zones. Third, the gradient and the undulations in the terrain make it difficult to use conventional agricultural machinery.

Why is farming difficult on mountains?

Producing crops and livestock in mountain environments can present many difficult challenges. Compared to surrounding lowlands, highland farmers contend with shorter growing seasons, greater distance to markets, and the ever-present challenge posed by gravity.

Why are red soil not suitable for agriculture?

Red soil might not be suitable fit for agriculture because it might not contain the suitable minerals which are neccessary for the growth of the crop on which it is grown. Red soil has the least water holding capacity and has very much amount of iron and phosphorus which is very harmful for the crops.

Why are most Indian farms small in size?

Most Indian farmers are subsistence farmers who produce crops for their family. Farmers divide their property between their sons, which decreases the size of the farm.

Can grain grow on mountains?

Only some more hardy cereals are cultivated in mountains. Rye, barley, oat and wheat, very often not as a pure population but as a mixed one, are harvested in the late summer. Many local races of cereals and potatoes are commonly cultivated. … In some areas of the Earth poor cereal fields are situated very high.

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Which soil is found in hilly and mountainous areas?

Forest soils are mainly found in the hilly and mountains areas where sufficient rain forests are available.

What is the major occupation of mountains?

What is the major occupation of mountain region? The main occupation of this region is animal husbandry. They rear sheep, goats and yaks.

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