What does double clear mean in show jumping?

If someone gets a clear round in both showjumping and cross-country, this is called a ‘double clear’ and means the combination would finish on the penalties they received for their dressage score.

What is a double clear in eventing?

If you jump the first round, and finish with no jumping or time faults, that is your first clear. You then go into the jump off, and if you do the same again, thats your second – so you get a double clear.

What is clear round jumping?

Clear round jumping is a relaxed and easy way to practise around a full course of coloured showjumping fences without the pressure of it being a competition. Clear rounds are £5 per round, or £12 for three rounds. Heights will be adjusted at specified times throughout the day. ​Entries are taken on the day.

How many faults show jumping?

But, if the rail is located across the centre of the water, then penalties will not be given if the horse lands in the water. If a refusal results in the displacement of poles, flowers, gates and turf, four faults will be given for the refusal.

How do you make a clear round show jump?

Jump enough to get your horse responsive and ready to jump at the right height in the ring, but not so much that he’s tired.

1. Sit tall and look up

  1. Do lots of grids at home. Let’s face it; some horses have better jumping technique than others. …
  2. Walk the course with focus. …
  3. Land on the correct leg.
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What height is pre entry?

Height:-0.78m : -Max Width at base:-1.0m Max Width at top:-0.90m. The Jumping Test – The Jumping course should be inviting and straight forward. The course shall include a variety of straight and spread obstacles with true ground lines.

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