What is a freediving mask?

A freediving mask is one of the most essential pieces of freediving gear that a diver can have during a breath hold. If your mask leaks, has too much volume, or is a challenge to equalize, you’ll struggle to have a successful dive.

What makes a good free diving mask?

A freediving mask should fit flush against your face without feeling tight or restrictive. It should be lightweight, soft, and comfortable. The way the skirt sits on your face will determine how watertight the mask is, while the frame and the straps will influence the comfort.

Can I use a freediving mask for scuba diving?

Freediving Masks

You can choose between a clear and a black silicone, although most freedivers prefer the dark silicone that protects them from the sun’s glare at the surface. Check out the Apollo Sting Mask, which has a very low profile. It can be used for scuba diving, snorkelling or freediving/spearfishing.

How do I choose a freediving mask?

Go to your nearest (or best) freediving gear shop and try on any and all masks you are considering to help narrow down the possibilities. Remember many masks come in different color styles so don’t judge the mask look during the fitting process. If the mask doesn’t fit your face, move on till you find ones that do.

Do you need a snorkel for free diving?

This sport is open to anyone who wants to get in the water as you don’t need to have any experience in snorkeling or scuba to get started. Freedivers simply have to hold their breath—some even enter a trance-like state of mind by relaxing the mind and focusing on their breathing—as they explore the underwater world.

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What dive mask Do Navy SEALs use?

For clandestine amphibious operations, the Navy SEALs uses the LAR V Draeger rebreather closed circuit scuba device. This can go for the maximum depth of 70 feet and runs on 100% oxygen with no bubbles visible to the naked eye when the breath is expelled.

What mask does Herbert Nitsch use?

Instead of a waist weight, Herbert is credited with inventing the neck weight, which he worked on to provide a better hydrodynamic and streamlined body posture and balance for horizontal distance diving. Then, there is his pipe mask, which is a nose-free, snug-fitting swimmers mask that includes a tube to the mouth.

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